Our Process

Websites designed to help you climb your mountain

Step 1

Define your message

What you do is everything. Big companies can focus a lot on their why. But as a small company, you need to make sure potential customers know exactly what you do.

Our first step in the process is to figure out exactly what that is. What do you do? This process helps your team come together and get aligned with what your goal is. In addition, it drives the rest of our design process.

Step 2

Design the experience

Based on your message, we start designing. We start with your website, but we don’t stop there. We look at your customer’s entire experience. How do they find you? How does the checkout screen look? How do they learn about sales?

Once we see the whole picture, we start working with you to create something wonderful. We start with content and work into building an incredible brand that can you are proud of.

Step 3

Get feedback from your customers

We want you to love your website. But, to be honest, we care a lot more about what your customers think. If your customers love your website, you are going to get more traffic, leads, and sales. That is what matters.

To get their feedback, we conduct user interviews. We sit down and show our ideas to your customers. We get feedback and figure out what it is they want. Based on that feedback, we make changes and tweak the site until it is perfect.

Step 4

Develop based on your needs

Every company has different needs. Some need their website to be built on specific platforms while others are more flexible. We can cater to any scenario and budget.

For many websites, we are thrilled to be using Webflow. Webflow allows us to create websites that are fully customized without writing a single line of code. This saves you thousands of dollars in developer costs and lets us finish most projects in just six weeks.

Step 5

Improve your design using data

After your website is built, our focus changes from design to data. We set you up with custom analytics software to track how well users are converting to customers. This could mean purchasing products, sending you an email, or simply watching a movie. We continue to grow your business by testing new ideas and consistently growing the numbers.