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Our design process

There is no time to waste in a startup. This is how we make sure we don't waste yours:

Bring the team together
Like all climbs, startups start at basecamp. Basecamp is where we come together and get on the same page. Our team, your team, and your users. We listen and figure out what steps we need to take.
Low Camp
Find the problem
First, we focus on the problem. We talk to users who have had this problem before. We show them simple prototypes of what we are thinking, built using design software. From their feedback, we make educated decisions on where we should go next.
High Camp
Build the solution
Once we find the problem we want to solve, we work with your team to build a live solution that users can interact with. We throw out ideas that don't help users solve their problem, creating a simple product that does one thing well.
Measure and repeat
Often times, your first idea isn't perfect. But that is why measure. Using simple analytics software, we make data driven decisions on how to improve and whether to try a different idea.