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CallForce is an incredible company! Since 2010, they provides services to dental offices to help them increase profits and focus more on revenue. The executive team works very hard to work with dental practices individually. CallForce designed their initial website years ago and have since grown into a multi-million dollar company. They needed to look more professional and provided better information to their future customers. However, CallForce also employs a lot of people and they wanted to help their employees feel more connected to the company.

How we helped

Website focused on a singular message

CallForce's old website had a big problem: the message wasn't clear. It gave vague information into what CallForce does and wasn't tied together with a singular message. We worked for weeks with the executive team to boil the message down to one sentence: "Your Dental Scheduling Professionals". While simple on the surface, this drove our entire design process. We hired professionals to take photos of the team to put all over the website. The copy was written to be professional and still approachable. The same is true for the layout and colors. We are thrilled with how this website turned out!

Logo to bring the team together

Since CallForce is all about growth, we wanted to design a logo that reflected that same message. After dozens of ideas, we came up with a simple arrow shape. This is not just a symbol for customer growth, but also growth among employees. Many employees are experiencing their first real job at CallForce. We want them to realize CallForce helps grow their careers and get them to where they want to be.

Improving the sales experience

CallForce primarily makes sales through their sales team. These salespeople have individual meetings with every client to discuss their needs and concerns. However, their process was somewhat inconsistent. To help make it more consistent, we developed a sales deck that simplified the sales message. Similar to the website, the deck featured images of employees to show future clients that CallForce provides a personalized experience for each of their patients.


Clearer message

For the website based on customer feedback