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Nothing is worse than getting in a car accident. Not having insurance makes it 10x worse. When no one has your back, it is easy for damages and injuries to fall on you, even when someone else is at fault. LienHost helps people overcome this challenge with first-of-its-kind software. When we started, they had an existing product that needed some serious design love. We were originally tasked with redesigning the UI but quickly realized this project was bigger than a UI fix. We needed to dive into the weeds with the developers to solve major problems users were facing.

How we helped

Redesign Patient Profile: The most commonly used feature

The people who work inside LienHost have a lot to do. We sat down with them and watched their process and found many time-wasting problems. Through the iteration process, we focused our attention on one problem: the Patient Profile. This is the main page people use in LienHost. To streamline its design, we did an inventory of what was inside and sorted where things should go. Some elements were combined while others were separated. This allowed the design to flow better. Boom.

Accounting Software that really works

I thought I finished accounting in college. But through our design of the Patient Profile, we realized there were huge issues with the accounting piece. It turns out accounting isn't just as simple as adding and subtracting. To end up with correct figures, you need to do a lot of backend work. Together with the amazing development team at LienHost, we designed the system of how accounting should work as well as how we should display it to the users. What we ended up with was a product that gave correct figures and was easy to use. Win and win!


2x better design

Based on user tests with internal team