My Favorite Sites

Every once in a while, I find websites that I believe are doing everything right. Stuff that I'm just blow away by. I want to save them, somewhere that isn't in Notion where I'll never find it again. So here is the list:

Save a Child's Heart


Absolutely killer site especially the hero. Animations are SUPER clean on both desktop and mobile. Nav is great. It does have horizontal scrolls which I almost never like. From a content perspective it drones on quite a bit, but it is still very, very cool! 

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Emiozaki Web


Incredible portfolio that is just mind blowing honestly. Whole thing is designed for mobile, and on desktop you view it on a mobile. More than anything, I LOVE how the animations work on the main screen. I love seeing the color of the app screen take over teh whole screen and see the icon move. So cool!

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Awwwards Masterclass


I really like how this does sections. The sections are very well defined, which I think is something that is missing from even really good sites. They don't feel easy to scan and easy to consume. This did a very good job of that. Plus, I LOVE huge bold text. Love it!

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Really love the sections in this. I think they do a great job of making a website that is easy to scan. There are a few things I would have changed, specifically the colors. They feel very bland, especially compared to the first page. That blue is vibrant and would have rather matched it. But very good site. Plus they use Montserrat which I love! 

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Honestly I absolutely love this site. Everything about it. First of all, I love the images, although I probably wouldn't have centered that image. Needs to be to the right a smidge. But the font is AMAZING!!! Poppins. Looks great in the super bold.

I don't know why but I think it does a really good job of defining sections. Even though I would probably want more white space, it works. Not sure how. Need to study that.

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Now... first thing. I hate the scroll. The did the thing where they overtake the normal scroll. Hate that.

But, everything else on this site is INCREDIBLE!! 10/10 work from whoever made this. Not sure how well it converts, but it is gorgeous! Love it! Particularly the animations. That is really what stands out for me.

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Yonder Card


So freaking clean and awesome! Love this one so much! Great photography and typography. And just so freaking clean it is insane. Clean lines but just awesome! Plus the colors are killer. This is one of the best ones I've seen in a long time!

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Wow... incredible. Great subtle animations lower down. The flow is outstanding. Big text makes it really something you want to read more. Plus the dark just really works with the typeface. Love it! 10/10

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Just the freaking coolest hero image I've ever seen on desktop. On scroll they split. That is just so freaking cool! Honestly makes me think about a ton of other things ways you could do that. Cool idea.

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