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If you ask most people what they wished they learned in school, the first answer is personal finance. Finlit is trying to solve that. Founded by Adam Turnville, they make an online course that teaches recent high school graduates personal finance. Videos are combined with interactive lessons that explain concepts in the simplest way possible. Finlit wanted to improve their UI while also taking a deep dive at the UX. We wanted to make sure the product was serving its intended user and I believe we did just that!

How we helped

We build a Webflow prototype

We wanted the prototype we built to be as realistic as possible. Fully responsive. Interactive. Useable. Not only that, realistic prototypes allow developers to just focus on the back end and not spend time making design decisions. For this, we chose to build the prototype in Webflow. While this takes a bit more time, the end result is incredible!

User testing with real potential users

Together with Adam, we brainstormed who we could talk to. Finlit often works with non-profits helping refugees as well as university athletic programs. So, I tried to find them. I can honestly say I've never had a harder time finding people to interview. But after some serious connections and help from a few friends, we got in touch with four people. I'm not sure if it was the time it took, but they were some of the most impactful interviews I've ever done. We learned about what was working for each group of users and took away ideas to fix those problems to better serve them. Big win!


In development

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