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All my life I've struggled with anxiety. I remember being 5 or 6, not being able to sleep because I was afraid the house was going to burn down. Ever since then it has been a battle. One of my best weapons of defense is therapy. I tell everyone I know how awesome therapy has been for me. My therapist is maybe the coolest person I know. But there is a problem: finding a therapist that fits is REALLY hard. So I started this project called Mental Help.

How we helped

Videos, not text

Right now, most people find a therapist using their insurance company's website. But all they can see is a generic written bio, most of which read the same. There is another site called Psychology Today, but again, only focuses on written bios. I believe a 10x experience is through video. With video, you can actually hear the way someone talks. You can see if they seem like someone you would connect with, rather than having to spend $100 for a first session. That is the principle Mental Help is built on.

Built an MVP using Webflow

To get something usable for people as soon as possible, I knew that coding wasn't going to be the tool. I can code, but really only front end. Back end, I'm a scrub. So I used Webflow. It took a few days to build a working prototype, and a few weeks to make it something people liked looking at. If possible, I would recommend every founder use this strategy! In three weeks, I had a working prototype that I could sell. It is much better than spending years developing something, only to find the development was the easy part.


MVP Live

In less than 3 weeks


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